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We are working to inspire a generation of independent Africans
who will co-create sustainable change for the next generations.

Do you want to create
#change in Africa?

iChange Nation

iChange Nation

Effective practical change involves joint communal action; this platform connects sponsors, partners and volunteers in delivering development and progress to issues and needs across our focus areas.

iChange Generation

iChange Generation

Every responsible generation must leave a good legacy for the next; we are out to ensure that our advocacy, efforts and philanthropy doesn't end at one individual or community — inspiring people to 'pay it forward' to the next person/community in need.

Advocating for progress across Africa, inspiring change through the voices of Dija and her fans.

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Defining new possibilities for change

Increasing literacy and numerical (logic) reasoning of students in various target communities, also stimulating cultural change by ensuring a large amount of girls and boys stay in school longer.

We are improving access to quality healthcare delivery through free vaccines, mobile clinics, test centres, drugs and HIV/AIDs advocacy.

We are investing in critical need cases, such as skill acquisition training plus apprenticeship programs and innovative programs for individuals living in poverty to help them achieve self sufficiency.

Be the voice of #change

Alert us on the change you will like to see in your community/country.

Youth-led social transformation in Africa

Our work involves youth sensitization and advocacy for youth involvement in politics and civic responsibilities.

Creativity delivered by young people across Africa is a ready engine for growth and recipe for innovation. Our programs are designed to harness the creative potential in African youths and deploy these towards the various socioeconomic challenges in the continent.

We have special outreaches and initiatives created to mitigate the pressures of growing up in today’s dynamic world; reducing the strangehold of depression and mental illness/emotional imbalance as a result of abuse, neglect or lack in various communities across Africa.

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